Central Financial Assistance (CFA)/ Subsidy for Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Plants under Net Metering will be provided by Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) from capacity 1 to 10 Kw as per MNRE, GOI new notification dated 08.03.2019. Further, it is also informed that it has already been requested to the MNRE, GOI for the release of Central Financial Assistance (CFA)/ Subsidy for old cases which have been submitted in PEDA Head Office, Chandigarh.
Beneficiaries /EPC companies are required to submit hard copies of all reports along with necessary certificates in PEDA Office in addition to online submission for release of subsidy otherwise no subsidy will be released


Work Flow

How does it work?

  • Under Net Metering policy electric customers generate their own electricity from a solar photovoltaic (PV) system installed on the roof top of the building. The output of the panels (DC electricity) is connected to the power conditioning unit / inverter which converts DC Power to AC Power.
  • The inverter output is connected to the control panel / distribution board of the building to utilize the power.
  • The inverter synchronizes with the grid to power the loads with preference of consuming solar power first.
  • The power generated in excess of the owner’s electricity consumption is fed into the grid through a bi-directional energy meter capable of registering both import and export of electricity.
  • The arrangement of a net metering system utilizes the same service line for excess power injection into the grid which is already being used by the consumer for drawl of power from utility network.
  • Net-Metering allows households to generate electricity and set off the power produced against the power used from the grid and consumer pays only for the “net” number of units (difference between import and export energy) used each month.
  • In the event the consumer produces power in excess of his usage in a particular month, the customer’s energy charge becomes zero and the remaining units are credited and carried forward to the following month.

Salient Features

  • Under the Net Metering Policy, Rooftop Solar Power Projects of capacity ranging from 1 KW to 10 MW can be installed 
  • The solar power generated in excess of the owner's electricity consumption is fed to the grid through a bi-directional energy meter which is capable of registering both import and export of electricity.

Energy Flow Diagram under Net Metering


Net Metering Energy Animation